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DUI Case Evaluation

Cartersville DUI Attorney

If you have been arrested for DUI, you probably have a lot of unanswered questions. The lawyers at Mari Legal Group are here to give you answers. Fill ouT the form below to ask questions to ask one of our lawyers about DUIs in Cartersville.

Street Address:
Date of Birth:
Court where you are to appear:
Date you are scheduled to appear:
Is this your First DUI?
Are you currently on probation or parole?
Have you requested your ALS hearing?
Date of arrest:
Time of arrest:
What police or law enforcement agency arrested you?
Why were you pulled over?
Did the officer see you driving the vehicle?
Did you admit to driving the vehicle?
Was there an accident?
Were you stopped at a road block?
Were you under 21 years of age at the time of your arrest?
Were there children in the vehicle at the time of your arrest under 15 years of age?
Were you going over 15 MPH or more beyond the speed limit?
Did you tell the officer you had been drinking?
What time did you tell the officer you had your last drink?
Did you perform any Field Sobriety Tests?
Did the officer ask you to blow into a handheld breath device at the scene?
How many times did you blow into the breath device?
Were you advised during your arrest that you had a choice between a blood or breath test?
If you took a chemical test (i.e., blood or breath), do you know the result?
Were there any witnesses to your driving and/or arrest?
Did the officer advise you of your Miranda Rights?
Are you aware if you were videotaped at any time during your arrest?
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